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SumoGarden™ is an autonomous aeroponics cultivation system that enables the production of soilless agriculture in urban environments.

This project excites us because it is priceless to have produced and developed something useful for humanity. SumoGarden™ ‘s system is aeroponics also it known as hydroponics but unless aeroponics uses oxygen enriched with less water than hydroponics systems to help plants grow more than 30x faster in a closed circuit loop. With this technology we support vegetable aeroponics cultivation in narrow and small areas even in lightless urban environments where photosynthesis cannot occur.

Basically the system is so simple, the complex part is the computer aided autonomous system. However you can easily connect to SumoGarden™ on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect with smartphones and tablets. With this ability you can check system health remotely control some of the IoT capabilities which are temperature, humidity, system cycle control, water level, light level and strength, irrigation control ext.

SumoGarden™ is a joint developed project of Kemiq LTD. and Tabooistanbul. All technical drawings, mechanical parts and product design are produced and tested as a result of approximately 15 months of R & D development.

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